About Charlotte

I am a transgender woman definitely in the terrestrial closet but stepping out through the dresses and skirts in the blogosphere. I finally told my lovely wife 5 years ago and she has held my hand since then. I originally started this blog then but was drawn onto another medium which offered more followers but meant that I ended up copying other people’s blogs rather than writing my own.

I have always loved the name Angharad and it seemed obvious, when choosing a new name that I should use it, hence my url. As time passed, though, Angharad never felt like me. I found myself being drawn to the name Charlotte and, as I was still in the closet, made the change. Two months later, a princess was born and named Charlotte. I know that I chose my name first.

I have learnt a lot in the last 5 years and, although I am writing this with currently no followers, I feel that I have advice that I can give. This is therefore intended to be both my online diary and advice page! Some of it will not be a pretty read I fear but that remains to be seen!

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