Tucking Update

Recently, I have begun a new addition to my tucking routine. I read about it years ago but have never been brave enough to try it before now.

Even using control knickers it is very difficult to remove all evidence of my “maleness.” If somebody was to do a “Donald” and grab me by the (genital area) they would be able to feel the outline of my penis and in my head I can see it sticking out from anything I wear. I find myself having to concentrate on NOT constantly checking that it is not sticking out obviously. Because, obviously, it is not good form, socially, to constantly feel your own groin (or anybody elses for that matter)

So what am I doing differently? (Whispers) I am using sanitary towels. Yes you read that correctly, I am using sanitary towels. They add a bit of stiffness to your knickers and this means that you are unable to see, or feel, your own appendage. Indeed, I once manage to nget my underwear so tight that I was able to actually make it numb, thus making it unfeelable in more ways than one. That was a great day. Though the pins and needles as the feeling came back were a bit odd!

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