On Fancying Men

I first blogged this in February 2014. I am reblogging it now as I want everything about me in the same place. I realise that my Tumblr account has become almost exclusively “likes” and “rebloggs.” This actually follows on from my first post on here which you can find here: https://charlotte-j.co.uk/2014/04/07/2/

Seven years ago my friend, who I have known since we were 18, announced that he was bisexual and admitted, albeit after much “gentle” quizzing, lewd innuendo and (quite a lot of) alcohol, that in the past he had fancied me!

@Angharadswife found this very funny and made many references to watching or filming any event that may happen. This did, however make me think hard about my sexuality. I realised that I was entirely comfortable with my friends change of sexual status. In fact, I was fascinated by it. There were many questions l wanted to ask: how did he know, had he slept with a man, as he walked down the street did he check out the men walking past? I was also flattered by his admission, though I don’t think I ever told him that. Many of the questions and conversations went unasked as the telling his family process exacerbated unforeseen problems which are not my story to tell. Through all of this I did, however, realise that I did not fancy or desire men at all. I am fascinated to know what having sex with a man would feel like but have no desire to try it.

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One thought on “On Fancying Men

  1. A lot of folks wonder what it would be like and many are under the impression that it’s very, very different when, actually, it’s not all that different from heterosexual sex… except the person you’re having sex with and, of course, limited to, ah, the physical equipment. In this, people tend to look more at who than what or, the person rather than the acts themselves. Kissing, hugging, oral sex, and intercourse are all possible regardless of the partner. Many who do give it a try usually wind up narrowing things down to more specific acts, things they think – and hope – that they’d find enjoyable and being able to select the right person is also a very big deal.


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