Tucking – part III – Inguinal Canals

The main difficulty with removing the “crotch bulge” is that the only place to put it is between the legs, otherwise, with any form of tight clothing at all, an outline will be visible. In order to do this it is necessary to move the testicles out of the way! Now, the obvious thing to do would be to have them cut off, but this is often regarded as major surgery by a lot of people and not really achievable when getting ready for a day out.

Fortunately there is another solution!

When a baby is born with testicles, generally the testicles are held within the abdomen, not generally moving down into the scrotum until childhood. In fact, as “boys” that was the reason that we had to cough, in the past, while a nurse felt our ball bag. She was checking that both were there! In fact, one of my earliest memories is that one of mine wasn’t. At age seven, I had to go to hospital and lie on a bed while a doctor manipulated one of them, making it drop.

The journey that testicle made was through the Inguinal Canal. Nowadays I spend some effort each day making both my balls travel in the opposite direction. Those of you with testicles who have swum in very cold water will have experienced the feeling of “shrinkage” in the ball department. In fact this is a safety device, designed to protect the sperm. Some day that if you push them far enough up you can pass them out of the other end of the canal.

I have never managed this!

That does not mean I won’t keep trying though.

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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