Tucking – part IV – Gaffs

3. Gaffs

When I first started “tucking” this is the method I used. I had heard the word and searched for it on Google. There are some really great videos out there on how to do this, cleverly showing no flesh, often over the top of jeans. But to cut a long story short, you need a pair of tights. Do not go out and buy some, because you need old tights, ones with ladders in, ones that you don’t mind attaching with a pair of scissors!

Firstly, cut off the waist band. You will also need a section of lower leg about 15 cm (6 inches) long. Through this short tube pass one side of the waist band so that the tube is in the middle with effectively two loops, one one each side of the tube. Put one leg in each of the loops, making sure that the waistband is not twisted inside the tube,

This is where the inguinal canals now come into their own. Finding the most comfortable way of doing so, (I usually lie on my back on the bed though a good one is to sit on a wooden seat, or stool, or coffee table) push each testicle into its Inguinal Canal. One you have done this, you will be able to feel them under your mons pubis,safely out of the way. At this point, you can now pull your (empty) scrotal sack backwards, between your legs and flatten your penis backwards over it.

Carefully, holding everything in place with one hand pull the gaff up with the other. l find it works best if you pull the front up too high first, which then means that as you pull the back up tight it forces everything into place. You are now wearing your first gaff! Finally, I put the rear part of the waistband between my buttocks, effectively turning it into a thong, and usually put a pair of knickers on top,

Or a bikini if I am sunbathing!

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Closeted Transwoman.

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