Tucking – Part V – Shapewear

I wore gaffs for months but my wife and children got fed up with having to sort out waist bands and little tubes of nylon from the washing pile. So I needed to find something else.

I haven’t worn men’s underwear for years and, to be honest, have absolutely no intention whatsoever to do so again. But my life really changed for the better when I bought a cheap equivalent of Spanx Pants!

The relief was almost instantaneous. I loved them. For the fnt time ever, I could look down at myself and be happy with what l saw and felt. I could tuck everything away so tightly and neatly that I couldn’t feel my penis there at all. This threatened to cause a bit of a problem because all I wanted to do was constantly feel myself down there, I was so happy!

This is how I feel now. I wear them to bed. I wear them all day! No longer do I have a bulge down the front of my trousers. So, even when l am dressed as a man (pretty much all the time) inside l feel like a woman.

l. Love. It.

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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