Nighties and Nightshirts

When I was a child I wore pyjamas. It was what you did! We often got them for Christmas, all three children with a different coloured pair. I hated them. They were made of Nylon, which made you sweat, but worse, because they were Nylon, they twisted round your body when you turned over and were extremely uncomfortable. I rebelled at the age of eleven and slept naked for 40 years.

But for the last 5 years I have suffered from night sweats. I can wake up in the middle of winter with my sheets and quilt soaking in a body-shaped patch, and everything sticking to me. The first few times I was mortified because I thought I had wet myself. Oh my God, imagine starting to pee the bed again at 51. Nightmare! Fortunately it was that, but I was sweating out a huge amount which was pretty disgusting in a similar way. I had no idea what to do about it.

Until, that is, I took a group of primary children away on a trip. Now, in the past I had always worn shorts when on these trips as, obviously, sleeping in the nude is not a good idea when you are on call at any time of the day or night, particularly when those in your care are under 10! This time, I wore a pair of leggings and a long T-shirt. What a revelation! Both were stretchy and tight fitting and therefore did not wrap themselves around me. Both were absorbent so they had kept my sheets dry and, because they hugged my body, it did not feel as if I was sleeping in a puddle. What a revelation.

I have not slept in the nude since. I have several bodycon dresses that I wear as nighties. I have night shirts that I wear with leggings. I have women’s P.J.s that I love. And of course, i wear my compression knickers underneath.

Because we wouldn’t want a bulge would we?

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