When I grow old I’m going to wear pink!
Pink hoodies, pink bras and Pink knickers,
Under boob tubes, pink skirts or pink leggings,
With pink socks, pink tights, and pink knickers!

In years to come I’ll keep my hair long
And gather it up into bunches.
I’ll grow out my fringe with hair clips and bows
Or tie it all back with some scrunchies.

I’ll wear corsets with bone, forming a waist,
And skirts with petticoats that rustle,
I’ll dance wearing bodices, ready to rip,
Or give myself hips in a bustle.

My summer dresses will float in the breeze,
As I wander the street or the fayre,
But for crop tops, bikinis or miniskirts,
My body needs ridding of hair!

In ballgown cut low I’ll glide ‘cross the floor,
Showing off cleavage and breast,
I’ll need fake boobs, adhesive and blusher,
And a razor, for my chest!

As I walk down the street, swinging my hips,
When hearing a wolf whistle at me,
I’ll be outraged, with a warm feeling too,
That I’m a woman for all to see!

Spanx pants keep everything held at bay,
For dresses or skirts that are tight,
Or a gaff will keep it all tucked away
And totally out of sight!

At work I still dress as if I’m a man,
Then come home and put on a skirt,
But sitting all day in my dark grey suit,
My bra’s on under my shirt!

When I grow old I’m going to wear pink,
Not Kharki, tan or dark green,
When I grow old I’m going to wear pink,
I’m a trans woman and will be seen!

Charlotte Angharad J 2014

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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