Tucking pt 2 – Gaffer Tape

When I first started out on this long and tortuous journey l read everything I could find on how to hide the fact that I had a penis. Several articles that I now know were written by drag queens extolled the virtues of “Gaffer” or “Duck” tape. Two of them actually suggested wrapping the end of the penis in toilet paper so that the tape would not stick to it. All advised shaving all pubic hair off otherwise removal would be really messy!

There are obviously problems with this method, not least that the whole thing has to be undone and removed every time you need to go to the toilet. This is obviously OK if you are doing a performance for an evening, control your liquid intake and take it all off of the end. But it is obviously not a solution if you do it for the whole day and only have a 2 min time slot to go to the toilet at any one time. I suspect that, wearing duck tape next to your skin all day, every day, would cause a rash problem for a reasonable parentage of the population. So let’s not even go there. It could get quite sticky! And the thought of removing it……

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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