Tucking Pt 1 – Crotch Bulge

If you attend any wedding or any other formal occasion in Scotland you will come across many men wearing a skirt – otherwise known as a kilt. Have you ever wondered why they wear their purse or “Sporan” hanging down the front of their kilt? Sure, they don’t have pockets but really it is there specifically to hide the bulge made by their genitalia. Presumably it is considered embarrassing in polite company to present everybody with a hint that behind this item of clothing is a flaccid (hopefully) phallus.

With men’s clothing and fashion, unless you are a male sprinter wearing Lycra shorts, this is often the only time this problem “arises!” Men’s trousers have an inbuilt bulge which serves to hide the problem. Suits are even cut to take account of whether you “dress” to the left or the right, ie. does your penis hang down your left leg or your right leg?

As a Transwoman there are a few parts of my body that I do not feel comfortable with, but hopefully you will understand when I say that my penis is one of those! I do not want it to hang down either leg, tailored or not. Last time l wore a kilt, I wore it without a sporan because l did not have that problem. And I did not have a bulge either, I am thankful to say.

Which brings me on to my tucking advice.

Tomorrow: Gaffer Tape

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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