Charlotte is back!

I last posted on 3rd May 2020. I had a Yew Year’s Resolution last year that I was going to post more often, if not every day and obviously I have failed.

A lot has happened since then, not least on that day. I had to roll back on a lot in order to preserve relationships that I really did not want to lose. My wife read my whole blog from beginning to end. To say that she was unhappy does not do her justice, and in order to stay married to her I ended up agreeing that everything would stop.

I really wanted to make my marriage work as I adore my wife and the thought of going through everything without her by my side is too awful to contemplate. So I cancelled all clinics, put my clothes away and put my male face back on. No nail varnish, no badges.

1 part of me was happy but I have struggled.

Published by Charlotte

Closeted Transwoman.

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