Tucking – part III – Inguinal Canals

The main difficulty with removing the “crotch bulge” is that the only place to put it is between the legs, otherwise, with any form of tight clothing at all, an outline will be visible. In order to do this it is necessary to move the testicles out of the way! Now, the obvious thing toContinue reading “Tucking – part III – Inguinal Canals”

My wife and I don’t have sex, and I have secretly been buying women’s clothes

This is a lovely article from Mariella’s regular column, giving some thoughtful advice. My wife and I don’t have sex, and I have secretly been buying women’s clothes https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/mar/24/my-wife-and-i-dont-have-sex-and-i-have-been-buying-womens-clothes?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_WordPress

Tucking pt 2 – Gaffer Tape

When I first started out on this long and tortuous journey l read everything I could find on how to hide the fact that I had a penis. Several articles that I now know were written by drag queens extolled the virtues of “Gaffer” or “Duck” tape. Two of them actually suggested wrapping the endContinue reading “Tucking pt 2 – Gaffer Tape”

Tucking Pt 1 – Crotch Bulge

If you attend any wedding or any other formal occasion in Scotland you will come across many men wearing a skirt – otherwise known as a kilt. Have you ever wondered why they wear their purse or “Sporan” hanging down the front of their kilt? Sure, they don’t have pockets but really it is thereContinue reading “Tucking Pt 1 – Crotch Bulge”